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2. Safety - Increased
Autonomous Mobile Robots come with lots of cameras and sensors. The sensors and cameras allow the Autonomous Mobile Robot to understand and read its environment. This lets it move around a facility with minimal interruption from infrastructure, people, and product. By contrast, equipment run by humans like forklifts aren't equipped with as many built-in safety mechanisms and ultimately depend on human input. Autonomous Mobile Robots are much safer than humans. A human operator could be disoriented or tired which can lead to an accident. Employing Autonomous Mobile Robots to perform tasks that can be easily repeated thus allows the operation to eliminate the risk of human error, and dramatically increase the security of the facility.

3. Rapid Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be implemented within an operation in four to six weeks, according to the requirements of the operation. Important here is the picking software and warehouse execution programs which the units have to be integrated with. Even for those at the top end of the spectrum this is a very short amount of time, especially when compared with other technology. For comparison, a goods-to-person (G2P) system can take up to a year to fully implement.

4. Ability to Scale
Autonomous Mobile Robots are simple to install in the facility. They can be used in modular deployment to add Autonomous Mobile Robots as your company expands or changes. This means that you do not need to invest an enormous amount of money in the beginning. Instead of buying huge quantities of Autonomous Mobile Robots, you can buy just a few units and later increase your fleet. The modular deployment will free funds that can be used to invest in other initiatives as you study the effects of Autonomous Mobile Robots on your business and determine next steps.

5. Easy to Move Between Facilities
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