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Full Version: Paint Bucket Mould
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SUNGEM MOULD is a plastic innovative mold manufacturer.
We make plastic injection mold in normal injection and gas-assisted injection, two color products in over molding mold and two shot injection; plastic blowing mold in PP,PE,PS,PC,TRITAN raw material;
The main plastic mold include below items
1. Industrial mold, such as painting bucket mold, Plumbing and Drainage mold.
2. Household mould, such as basket, bucket, dustbin, jug and cups, chair, stool and table mould.
3. 2 wheeler mold, such as scooter mold and motorcycle mold.
And other OEM molds clients requested.
SUNGEM is not only working on mold but also has rich experience in raw material. So we provide you molds and the valuable solutions.
We sincerely welcome you to visit our company and extend business.Paint Bucket Mould
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