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Former NFL star Reggie Bush rips Chargers for moving to LA: 'There are more fans in S
Former NFL star Reggie Bush rips Chargers for moving to LA: 'There are more fans in San Diego'
A native of San Diego, the former All-Pro has strong words about the Chargers

There's no shortage of headlines surrounding the Los Angeles Chargers this offseason, but former NFL running back Reggie Bush doesn't mind tossing another log into the wildfire. With news of the team having decided to move on from eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback Philip Rivers, along with having zero plans to re-sign Pro Bowl running back Melvin Gordon, things will look precipitously different for the club when they take the field in 2020. 
Now on a renewed contract with the organization, head coach Anthony Lynn is digging his heels in deeper in the LA area, but Bush wishes he and the Chargers wouldn't. Speaking from his Breitbard Hall of Fame inception ceremony -- where he was being honored as a legendary athlete who hails from the San Diego area -- the former second-overall pick made a point to shred the team's decision to move to Los Angeles and is lobbying to find a way to return them from whence they came. 
Bush is so hellbent on seeing it happen that he made the comments without ever being asked the question.

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.@ReggieBush explained what the city of San Diego means to him and why we need to get the #Chargers back when he was inducted into the Breitbard Hall of Fame tonight.


10:54 PM - Feb 12, 2020
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"I'm a product of the people of San Diego," Bush said. "I believe San Diego is a sports town -- a true sports town. That's the reason why we need to get our San Diego Chargers back. Someway, somehow, we've got to get them back, man. They don't belong in Los Angeles. 
"I'll say this as many times as I can. I live in LA and I know the fanbase there for the Chargers, and I know the fanbase [in San Diego] for the Chargers, and there's a lot more of us here than there are in LA. So we've got to find a way to bring the Chargers back."

There are droves of San Diegoans (San Diego-ites? San Diegons?) -- read that in your best Ron Burgundy voice to enjoy the lighthearted humor -- who agree with Bush wholeheartedly. Despite the angst of both Rivers at the time of the relocation and the City of San Diego's protests against the move, in the end, owner Dean Spanos got his wish. Still, things haven't exactly settled in the team's favor in LA just yet. There was one instance in particular where Rivers noted his disappointment in the lack of Chargers fans present at a December game, and rumors even surfaced the team had considered being a candidate for a move to London.
Spanos quickly shot down the UK rumor though, and in an expletive-laden fashion. As Spanos puts it, not only are the Chargers not leaping across The Pond, but they're also not trekking back south to San Diego. 
"[The report is] a lot of crap," he said, via [i]The Los Angeles Times[/i]. "We're not going to London. We're not going anywhere. We plan to be in LA for a long f------ time. That was bullsh--, that story."
"It's total f------ bullsh--, OK? We're not going to London. We're not going anywhere. We're playing in Los Angeles. 

"This is our home. This is where I'm planning to be for a long f------ time. Period."
Yes, but how do you really feel, Mr. Spanos?
Adding to the unlikelihood of another move is the fact the Chargers are readying themselves to enter their new home, SoFi Stadium, in 2020 -- to be shared with the Los Angeles Rams. The bottom line is NFL football is back in LA and there to stay for the foreseeable future, which is exactly how Dallas Cowboys owner and LA native Jerry Jones wants it. Jones was key in getting both the Rams out of St. Louis and the Chargers out of San Diego, much to the chagrin of both fanbases, and back to an area he holds dear to his heart.
"No," Jones said in 2019, when asked about a possible Chargers move to London in the future. "You're asking me the question: is it a viable option? And, no. The Chargers are committed to their future in LA and are going to be in a fabulous stadium. They're a great franchise. 
"They're going to be a big part of the Los Angeles sports scene."
That's not exactly what Bush or Chargers fans in San Diego want to hear.

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